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AZ Health Insurance Quotes - Are You Getting the Whole Story?

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

az_health_insurance_quotesWhen you really sit down to do some research on  Arizona health insurance, it would appear as if everyone is giving out free “no-obligation” AZ health insurance quotes, but many of the search listings are nothing more than a front for a lead-generation company.  Sure, they will take your name, age, weight and contact information, but they won’t deliver the actual quotes to your inbox.  Instead, they will deliver your information to numerous health insurance brokers in your area for a small fee.  This will inevitably result in a lot of annoying phone calls and email solicitations.  After dealing with this frustrating experience long enough, consumers are creating a level playing field through social networking.

According to WBUR-TV in Boston, a community of parents has already formed a site called Healthcare Savvy.  It’s billed as a “community of patients who want to shop for care,” but the site is for everyone, whether you currently have insurance or not.  Imagine a Facebook group of concerned patients who want to make better choices about their healthcare coverage.  They can interface with other like-minded consumers and compare experiences with HSA plans, high-deductible plans, and how easy it is to work with the various insurance providers today.  Many people are weighing about Obama Care and what will happen to them if it is repealed.  The provisions extending affordable care for children with pre-existing conditions are already in place, as is the ability to keep a child on their parents’ health plan until the age of 26.  With all the upheaval expected in 2012, people are trying to make an informed decision. 

It is news like this that should have those lead-generation marketers a little nervous.  The more educated a consumer becomes, the less likely they are to seek AZ health insurance quotes using an anonymous online tool.  In fact, ever since Healthcare Reform went into effect, more consumers have been seeking help from experienced brokers. 

As an individual health insurance buyer, it is important to seek solutions that will stretch your healthcare dollar.  Visitors to a social networking site like Healthcare Savvy can provide valuable insight about what worked for them, which providers have the best plans for individuals, and how to negotiate healthcare costs with a provider.  If more patients become aware of these tools, it might help them eliminate surprise medical expenses and keep monthly premiums to a minimum. 

Get the valuable advice you need, including AZ health insurance quotes, from an experienced Arizona broker.

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