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Find a More Affordable Health Plan with Arizona Health Insurance Quotes

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Monday, 06 June 2016
Find a More Affordable Health Plan with Arizona Health Insurance Quotes

Are you looking for an affordable health plan in Arizona? Then it may be time to take another look at Arizona health insurance quotes

Ever since the new healthcare reform laws started going into effect, health insurance companies have significantly changed the type of insurance they offer to individuals.

Group plans may not have been affected quite as much, but individual health plans now offer certain coverage, such as preventive care, that was not previously included with the plan.

In addition, the laws’ stipulations about preexisting conditions, Medicare and insuring college students have caused continual change in major health insurance plans.

If you are requesting Arizona health insurance quotes on your own, you will need to be aware of these changes.

Visiting an online Arizona health insurance quotes website can help you find all the valuable information you need to learn about the various options for individual health insurance.

You may also inquire about group plans for small to medium sized companies. If you are in-between jobs, you may want to consider temporary health insurance until your new benefits go into effect.

The Enrollment Period

Ultimately, you can expect to save time and money by requesting Arizona health insurance quotes from a professional broker - keep in mind though that since insurance now operates under enrollment periods, a lot of brokers are not able to help you acquire insurance if the enrollment period is CLOSED.

The enrollment period typically runs from November to January of the next year. This means that most brokers will not be able to help you except with very limited questions at least until November of your current year. The except to this is if you need group insurance or Medicare.

Getting Your Insurance Quote Through a Broker's Website

Experienced insurance brokers will stay up-to-date with all the new policies and will provide whatever information they obtain on their websites.

It is important that you understand the differences between high deductible health plans, HSAs, PPOs, HMOs and temporary health plans.

Some plans offer tax-deferred health savings accounts that allow you to accumulate money in an interest bearing account and use it later for qualified medical expenses, which may include pre-deductible healthcare costs. Other plans may offer a reduced deductible for members who don’t meet their deductible in eligible healthcare expenses for one year.

As a reputable Arizona health insurance broker, we provide convenient links to all the major insurance companies that offer fast quotes during enrollment periods and plenty of resources to help you make the best insurance choice for you, your family and your business.

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