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Looking for health insurance quotes online? Don’t take a shot in the dark. Ask for help from a qualified Arizona health insurance broker at Anderson Insurance Services.
Sunday, 16 October 2011

health insurance quotes onlineAt Anderson Insurance Services, it is easier than ever to get health insurance quotes online.  With our user friendly website, we make the process of finding health insurance practically effortless.  In addition to finding information about the individual health insurance carriers in Arizona, we also have extensive experience in working with all of their health plans.  Whether you want a plan from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Human, Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare or another insurance provider, our friendly health insurance consultants will be able to get you competitive online health insurance quotes.


Getting an online health insurance quote might involve learning about plans you’ve never heard of before, such as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).  Unlike the traditional HMO or PPO, these plans are designed to keep monthly premium costs down in exchange for a higher deductible.  Health Savings Accounts help to defray some of the out-of-pocket costs for healthcare by allowing members to save money in a tax-deferred, interest-bearing savings account.   Because the agents at SWHealthInsurance.com understand these plans and their limitations, they can recommend the best option for your specific healthcare needs and budget.

In addition to traditional individual health plans, we provide comprehensive information on Medicare Insurance options, including Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance.  If you are 64 or older, it’s important to learn about the various Medigap options available.  While most of these supplements are offered by private insurance companies, they are approved by Medicare and offer prepackaged coverage options such as Part C, or Part D.  Part D plans are the Medicare prescription drug benefits that benefit seniors.

Before you start shopping for health insurance quotes online, consult with an agent at SWHealthInsurance.com.  Unlike many other online health insurance brokers, we offer in-depth information about every plan we sell and a wider variety of plans to choose from.  Gathering all of this information on your own might involve hours of research on your part, and it will be difficult to get an unbiased opinion from an insurance carrier’s agent.  When you inquire with the agents at an insurance carrier or a broker who only works with a few providers, you will not have access to the best possible rates for individual and group plans.

Looking for health insurance quotes online?  Don’t take a shot in the dark.  Ask for help from a qualified Arizona health insurance broker at Anderson Insurance Services.

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