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How Much Do You Know About Arizona Health Insurance Companies?

An Arizona health insurance broker can help you better understand the costs and limitations of the most affordable Arizona health plans.
Friday, 17 June 2011

arizona_health_insurance_companiesAn emphasis on healthy living has helped a lot of Arizona residents avoid the doctor’s office, but with so many uninsured and underinsured residents, the state has dropped to 31st in the 2010 United Health Foundation’s “America’s Health Rankings®”.  Arizona health insurance companies are attempting to close the gap by offering less expensive health plans for residents, but without CHIP funding or low-income adult health coverage, this may present a challenge. 

The good news is that the United Health Foundation’s report praised Arizona residents for their healthy lifestyle habits, including a low prevalence of smoking and other preventable health risks, plus lower rates of cardiovascular and cancer deaths.  Despite this positive news, Arizona health insurance companies are finding fewer and fewer families can afford to insure children.  With funds frozen on the state’s CHIP program and the percentage of children living in poverty rising to 31.3 percent, the health of many Arizona children is at risk.  Obesity is another factor that contributed to Arizona’s lower scores this year, with 25.8 percent of residents now falling into this category.  This number is particularly troubling, as it has risen from 10.8 percent to 25.8 percent in just two decades.

As the health of Arizona’s average resident worsens, the premiums from Arizona health insurance companies continue to increase, which has made health insurance even less affordable.  However, since 2010, Arizona has started offering coverage through a federally established high-risk pool.  These pools are specifically designed to help people with medical problems or pre-existing conditions insure themselves and their families.  Several Arizona health insurance companies participate in these programs.

Here are some other highlights of where Arizona ranked in the United Health Foundation’s latest survey.

Best and worst category ratings for Arizona:

•Preventable hospitalizations – 7th

•Cancer deaths – 4th in the nation

•Cardiovascular deaths – 4th

•Lack of health insurance – 46th

•Children in poverty – 49th

Looking at these findings, it seems that Arizona’s worst enemy has been the lack of available and affordable coverage.  With the high risk pool and several high-deductible health plans now being offered by Arizona health insurance companies, residents are expecting these numbers to even out with the next survey. 

An Arizona health insurance broker can help you better understand the costs and limitations of the most affordable Arizona health plans.  More information about the high risk pool and other individual high-deductible health plans can be found at Healthquotes.com. 

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