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Three Tips Before You Request an Arizona Free Health Insurance Quote

Shopping online for Arizona health insurance plans and polices? Check out these tips before you click the buy now button.
Sunday, 12 June 2011

arizona_free_health_insurance_quoteThanks to the convenience of the Internet, everything is a lot simpler today.  Instead of meeting in person with a health insurance broker, or spending hours waiting “on hold” to speak with  agents from every insurance company, now an Arizona free health insurance quote is available in minutes. 

Buying Arizona health insurance is much easier than ever, thanks to the valuable information available on the Internet.  The only part that some people don’t like is the need to provide personal information to a relative “stranger”.  How can you know who to trust with your Arizona free health insurance quote?

1)      Shop with a licensed health insurance broker

If you’re not sure who you are dealing with, and cannot find any reviews or information about their business, then chances are they are not really a health insurance broker.  In fact, many of the online “brokers” people find in a Google search are really just “lead generation” websites who will take your information and forward it to dozens of agents in the area. This will result in a flurry of unwanted phone calls and email solicitations from very aggressive agents. 

Despite popular opinion, shopping with a broker doesn’t mean you will pay more.  They earn their commission from the insurance companies, not the customer.  If anything, you will probably pay less with a broker because they access to more “deals” and money-saving opportunities.  But don’t be afraid to ask for their state license number, just to be sure.

2)      Make sure they are easily accessible by phone

Once you get your Arizona free health insurance quote, you may wish to move forward with a health plan.  Even though most of your communication will be with the insurance company you choose, you may have specific questions for your agent.  A good online health insurance broker should display their phone number prominently on their web site.  If it isn’t there, then you may be dealing with a list broker or lead generator instead of a real agent.

3)      Look for industry ratings and client approval

Before you enter your information and “click here” to get your Arizona free health insurance quote, be sure to look for the agent’s industry ratings and affiliations with consumer advocacy groups.  Many agents will display the logo of the Better Business Bureau, or provide A.M. Best ratings for the insurance products they sell.  You should also look for the TRUSTe logo, a sign that your insurance broker is in compliance with Internet privacy laws. 

Finally, trust your instincts.  If you’re not sure about whether a health insurance broker is really legitimate, call the number listed on their website and ask questions.  Alternatively, work with the reputable brokers at Anderson Insurance Services and get your Arizona free health insurance quote today.

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