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Arizona Health Insurance - Which Plans Can Be Used in Other States?

Need help finding the right group plan? Call an Arizona health insurance broker to help you get the best health insurance plan to meet your company’s needs.
Wednesday, 20 July 2011

arizona_health_insurance_6With the price of health insurance rising so sharply over the past ten years, many employers in the Southwest are getting a lot more skillful at saving money on Arizona health insurance.  In some cases, this has required them to buy a group health plan that can be used in other states as well.  Not only is this practice more cost effective than purchasing a separate plan for every state where they have employees; it can also be more economical. 

Telecommuting, especially in the IT profession, has caused many U.S. companies to have employees in virtually every state, but few of them report in to an office in that state.  As a result, payroll and human resources are usually located at a central headquarters.  Health plans from companies like Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente are versatile enough to cover these employees through their national networks, but not every plan is designed to do this. 

If you are an employee of a large national or international company and they offer Arizona health insurance, be sure that the plan will give you access to one of the larger networks of doctors and hospitals.  This may sound like a cliché, but your health insurance is only as good as the network it’s on.  Before you agree to work for a company that is located out of state, be sure their health benefits will cover a significant number of doctors and hospitals where you live.  Oftentimes, HR departments choose their plans around the needs of the employees who live near the headquarters, not the rest of the company.  If you find that your healthcare needs will not be met with the plan they are offering, you may want to request their help in finding a better plan in your area.

Employers, on the other hand, may be choosing a specific health insurance provider because of their existing relationship with them, but health insurance changes quite frequently.  It is usually a better idea to look at the network size and employees’ out-of-pocket costs before determining whether you’re getting a “good deal”. 

Alternatively, you can call an Arizona health insurance broker like us to help you get the best group plan to meet your company’s needs.  Brokers make it their business to stay informed about new healthcare legislation, pricing changes, HSA accounts, cost-savings incentives and more.  Their main goal is to ensure their corporate and individual clients are satisfied with the health plan they chose. 

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