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How will the Health Care Reform Laws Benefit Arizona Citizens?

Concerned about Health Care reform? This blog article explores benefits for people buying Arizona (AZ) health insurance.
Monday, 13 December 2010

Health_Care_Reform AZAs a health insurance broker in Arizona, I am often asked how the recent Health Care Reform laws will affect the residents of this state and their ability to find affordable coverage. While the provisions of the law are long overdue, I like to remind people that the reform package is being enacted in “stages.” This means the whole law will not be in effect until the year 2014.

Some parts of Health Care reform are already in place, such as the law prohibiting insurers from denying children health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Another portion of the law, which took effect in September, is the ability to keep a son or daughter on their parent’s health plan until they reach the age of 26. But the “meat” of the bill will take a few more years to be fully implemented.

There are currently 1.3 million Arizona residents without health insurance and over 280,000 who are self-insured. For these people, Health Care Reform will allow them to get affordable coverage through a more competitive “health insurance exchange.”

How the Health Care Reform will help the residents of Arizona

According to the Department of Health and Human Services web site, there are 746,000 residents in Arizona who could qualify for premium tax credits for the purchase of Arizona health insurance. Another 853,000 seniors are now eligible for free preventive care services and 151,000 seniors will see their brand-name drug costs (in Medicare Part D) cut in half by 2011.

For Arizona families, the new law provides consumer protections against insurers placing lifetime limitations on coverage. Plus, the insurance companies will not be able to arbitrarily drop coverage like they have done in the past. People who have been turned down for insurance because of pre-existing conditions will soon be a part of a high-risk pool that will enable them to find a health insurance plan that is affordable.

These are just a few of the ways that Health Care Reform laws will benefit the residents of Arizona. If you have questions about a specific health plan or need advice about purchasing coverage in light of these changes, contact Jerry Anderson of Anderson Insurance Services today.

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