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What's the Easiest Way to Get a Health Insurance Quote in Scottsdale?

For the quickest health insurance quotes in Scottsdale AZ, look to the professional brokers at Anderson Insurance Services.
Thursday, 25 August 2011

health_insurance_scottsdaleAs more and more Americans turn to the Internet as their number one source of information, the number of web sites offering health insurance quotes has made it difficult to choose a health insurance broker.  Just enter the words “health insurance Scottsdale” into a search engine, and you are bound to find a lot of online brokers ready to help.  The question is, how do you know which one to call on? 

With so many options available to you in Arizona health insurance, it helps to know what to look for in a quote.  For example, your health insurance options in Scottsdale will be different than what’s available in other areas of the country.  A good broker will be able to tell you about all of the options available to you, rather than just a few offerings from one or two insurance companies.  When you’re looking to get health insurance in Scottsdale Arizona, your broker will take the following factors into consideration:

  • Are you looking for a group plan or an individual/family plan?
  • Are you currently insured by an employer, self-insured or on COBRA?
  • What is your recent health history like? Have you had any major procedures or do you suffer from any chronic illnesses?
  • What is more important to you – low out-of-pocket costs at the doctor’s office or low monthly premiums?
  • Are you looking for a way to save money on taxes by putting aside pre-tax dollars in a health savings account?
  • Do you need to see specific doctors and dentists or are you flexible with your choice of providers?
  • Are you currently eligible for Medicare?

Your answers to these questions will be necessary, as well as other health-related information, to generate a quick health insurance quote from Scottsdale area insurance companies.   The cost of your monthly premiums and total out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the plan you choose, but your broker should be able to give you a range of quotes for various levels of coverage. 

Working with an online broker can be a little tricky at first, especially when you’re not sure which companies they represent.  When you land on a broker’s web site after searching for “health insurance in Scottsdale,” be sure to look for signs of the agent’s affiliations with major insurance providers.  You should also find out if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, or affiliated with A.M. Best.  For the quickest health insurance quotes in Scottsdale AZ, look to the professional brokers at Anderson Insurance Services.

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