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Group Insurance

When it comes time to start your own business or quit your job to become your own boss, there are plenty of things to be excited about. You no longer have to answer to anyone, you make your own hours and if you work from home you probably can spend the day in your pajamas. As much as there’s an allure of working in sweatpants, becoming your own boss also means that you’re responsible for a lot more. You no longer have group insurance with your employer, and health insurance isn’t always easy to find. If you’ve always been covered by a group health plan, the health insurance options available may not be as appealing, so you’ll have to do your research or get help from your Arizona health insurance broker.

Although Arizona’s unemployment rate has slowly been declining - right now it sits at about six percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - health insurance brokers in the Grand Canyon state still must spent a good amount of time helping newly unemployed clients determine the best choice for their health insurance coverage. Once losing a job, if a new job isn’t on the radar, it’s important to get either temporary health insurance or to sign up for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). But how can you figure out which plan is right for you and your family? Getting an Arizona health insurance quote is probably the most accurate way to understand what you need and can afford, but doing some research before going to a health insurance broker never hurts.

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Thanks so much for getting my health plan done for me.  It was a real surprise after being turned down twice, to finally get approved.  And what a relief!  Thanks again! - D. D. (Tucson)

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