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 medicare_supplemental_insurance_arizonaIf you are a resident of Arizona who is approaching age 65, it is important that you thoroughly understand how Medicare insurance works.  Many retirees are confused about the timing and requirements for Medicare and don’t know whether they qualify for Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona

Also known as a “Medigap” policy, Medicare supplemental insurance helps Arizona citizens close the “gaps” in Medicare by providing for deductibles and coinsurance.  However, there are certain time-sensitive purchasing qualifications that exist in Arizona. 

For example, once a Medicare recipient reaches the age of 65 and joins Part B, they can sign up for a Medigap policy within three months of their 65th birthday.  This is known as Medigap open enrollment.  If seniors enroll during this period, they cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, nor can they be placed on a waiting list. 


Similar in nature to COBRA benefits, an individual who is 65 or older who loses other qualified health insurance can sign up for a Medigap plan within 63 days of losing that insurance, but the company providing the insurance must have at least 20 employees on the group plan. 

If an individual wants to purchase Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona, but has missed previous open enrollment periods, they will not be offered the same protections that would have been afforded them during the initial open enrollment.  In addition to a required six month waiting period for pre-existing conditions, they may also have to pay higher premiums. 

Disabled individuals who have qualified for Medicare before the age of 65 may also be able to purchase Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona, but it is not guaranteed and may also require higher premiums and a delay in coverage for pre-existing conditions.

With all of these deadlines and restrictions, it is easy to see how a senior citizen could be confused about Medigap insurance.  That’s why so many Arizonans rely on an experienced health insurance broker who is already familiar with the laws and insurance providers in the state. 

About Jerry Anderson

jerry-anderson-arizona-health-insurance is an Arizona health insurance broker and owner of Anderson Insurance Services. He is an expert in all forms of health insurance and represents many of the major health insurance companies in Arizona. 
Jerry can help you find the best health insurance for the best price. Don’t go without insurance call Jerry at (877) 868-2203 for a free quote on Arizona health insurance.

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