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Arizona Health Insurance – State Proposal will Cut Benefits for Individuals

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Thursday, 03 February 2011

arizona health insuranceAccording to an article that appeared in the Arizona Republic (Feb. 2, 2011), the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee has reviewed Governor Brewer’s proposal to make $1 billion in 2012 by eliminating state-funded Arizona health insurance coverage for about 280,000 Arizonans. 

Republican lawmakers have long supported these proposed cuts to the state’s budget, saying that the bottom line is “people have to shoulder more responsibility for themselves…” (Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Peoria)

State Proposal will Cut Benefits for Individual Arizona Health Insurance

With a budget that has been running at a deficit for quite some time, other Republicans agreed that these cuts are necessary, but some lawmakers were a little bit extreme in making their points.  For example, Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake) was quoted in the Republic saying "This isn't the only time in our history when people had to choose between food and medicine."

Since it seems inevitable that over a quarter million residents, mostly childless adults, will need to purchase their own Arizona health insurance policies or go without coverage, it will be interesting to see what kind of low-cost insurance options become available for these individuals.  An emphasis should be placed on preventive care, according to Senator Allen, who says people “can do more to keep themselves healthy and avoid the need for government support for medical coverage.”

While these cuts are not entirely unexpected, and other states will be forced to cut their programs too, the decision to cut Arizona’s Medicaid program is not a “done deal”.  Governor Brewer must still obtain a waiver to withdraw the state from federal mandates requiring it maintain current levels of service.  Once that waiver is obtained, Arizona health insurance will no longer be available for 280,000 residents.

Democratic lawmakers, such as Sen. Paula Aboud (D-Tucson), believe the state will be paying one way or another for the healthcare of these needy Arizonans.  When they are no longer insured, they will come into the system through “back doors”, resulting in higher premiums for everyone else.

No matter where you stand on this issue, one thing is clear.  If you need an inexpensive individual health plan, it makes sense to work with an Arizona health insurance broker with in-depth knowledge about Arizona health insurance plans. 

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