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Individual Health Insurance - Co-Insurance and Other Affordable Plans

There are a number of options available to individuals looking for the most affordable health insurance coverage plans.
Tuesday, 20 March 2012

individual health insurance plans for arizonaThe health insurance landscape can seem so complex that people choose not to even attempt to understand it. If you are in the minority of people whose employer offers an affordable group plan that has comprehensive coverage you may not need to fully understand your options, but a vast majority of Arizona individuals and families are not in that boat. For everyone else, understanding the full spectrum of individual health insurance coverage options, and how they can compare to what you may have offered to you from an employer, is vital to getting the best plan for your situation at the most affordable price. This is where the experience of a knowledgeable insurance broker can be a lifesaver.


Of course there are also millions who are currently uninsured because of job loss or lack of benefit packages from their employers. If you are currently dealing with the stress of living without the safety net of family or individual health insurance, there are options available to you. Speaking to a broker about or receiving quick and easy quotes on all the options available in individual health insurance will help you make the smartest decisions possible regarding your health care.

For many people purchasing a higher deductible plan that comes along with a Health Savings Account option is a wise move. These plans can seem complex at first but if you pass certain requirements they offer individual health insurance coverage to people who otherwise could not afford it. These plans allow for set dollar amounts to be put aside, tax free, to later cover allowable medical expenses. This offsets the risks associated with plans with high deductibles and offers peace of mind.

Another possibility that many people have is to apply for a health plan that incorporates an option for co-insurance. With this option, a plan may only cover 80% of a certain amount in hospital costs, leaving the remaining 20% the responsibility of the insured person. This type of plan has some associated risks, but it does allow for the most affordable monthly individual health insurance premiums. Other individual health insurance coverage options can be made less expensive by being highly customizable. You can tailor your plan to more closely match your lifestyle situations. Say you know that you will never require any pregnancy related coverage, why pay extra for a plan that carries that? By knowing what questions to ask before going for a quote or knowing all the options available to you regarding insurance you will make the most sound decisions.

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