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Good News from Health Insurance Providers in Arizona

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


If you pay attention to America’s Health Rankings®, as compiled by the United Health Foundation, you may have heard that Arizonans have cut back on smoking.  Arizona health insurance providers be happy about some of these stats, but there is still a lot that needs to be done in getting more citizens insured.   Other good news on the report states that Arizona citizens have reduced the rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease and preventable hospitalizations. 

But it’s not all good news.  The state still ranks as only the 31st healthiest state, a ranking that fell three spots since the 2009 report.  The number of children living in poverty has almost doubled in the past decade and obesity has risen from 10.8 to 25.8 percent since 1990.

As more people in the state remain uninsured and unemployment figures remain discouraging, the state of Arizona is no 46th in “lack of health insurance.”  This is not an encouraging figure, but there is hope.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes the creation of a fund that provides more than $16 billion for healthcare over the next decade.  These funds will invest in cost-effective and proven prevention measures to help combat childhood obesity, smoking and other health issues.

Arizona health insurance companies are also working to make their health plans more accessible and affordable for low-income residents.  One improvement that came about as a result of healthcare reform is the guarantee of fully-paid preventive care benefits with any health insurance plans.  For Arizonans and other Americans, this means that even the least expensive individual health insurance plan will include coverage for an annual check-up and blood work, plus an OB-GYN exam annually.

Not everyone in Arizona has considered purchasing an affordable healthcare plan, but there are some very measurable benefits for doing so.  Many of the high-deductible/low-premium healthcare plans offered by Arizona health insurance companies are affordable, but they require a higher annual out-of-pocket expense for major medical procedures.  However, some insurance companies offer members a lower annual deductible for each year that they don’t meet the deductible through health care expenses.  This means the plan gives better coverage the longer one remains insured.  Meanwhile, members can save pre-tax dollars in a Health Savings Account to help pay for medical expenses.

To learn more about some of these options now available from many Arizona health insurance companies, contact your health insurance broker at Anderson Insurance Services.

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