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Need an Enticing Employee Benefit? Group Health Insurance for Small Business is One of the Best

Do you need a great perk to offer employees to help with hiring and retention? Learn how group health insurance for small business can work for you.

If you are an Arizona business owner or benefits manager looking for an easy way to get quotes for group health insurance for small businesses, then you’re in the right place.

Employers from every part of the state rely on the experienced brokers at Southwest Health Insurance Experts for individual and group health insurance.  We have over 30 years of experience servicing the health insurance needs of Arizona businesses.

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How does group health insurance for small business work?

New to group health insurance?  Here is a quick bullet list of the key aspects of group health insurance for small businesses in Arizona:

  • You’re business needs between 1-50 employees to qualify

  • Your business must pay part of the employee’s insurance premiums

  • There are no enrollment time restrictions so you can apply any time of year.

What about larger businesses?

For the medium-sized and large-sized businesses, 50 is the magic number.  Larger businesses with over 50 full-time employees must offer health insurance to their employees.

As an Arizona employer with over 50 employees, from 2015 onward, you have a responsibility according to the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance to your full-time employees.

Even if your employees choose to pursue their own health insurance outside of work, you are still required to offer a company plan. 

Click to learn more about group health insurance for companies with 51 or more full-time employees.

Offering group health can be a great perk for your employees

Small businesses with less than 50 full-time employees do not have to offer health insurance to employees. But, if finding and keeping great employees is important to your business, then you may want to consider offering a health insurance option.

Many Arizona small business employers are surprised to learn they can receive tax credits when they offer health insurance coverage to their employees.

Offering group health insurance may be cheaper than you think

Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees where the average annual wages of each employee is less than $50,000 may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 50% of the amount the employer contributes (at least 50%) toward employee insurance premiums.

That means money back in your pocket.

If you are researching your health insurance options then you will need to know how group health insurance works.  Don’t go it alone.  Find a health insurance agent near you in Arizona.

Why work with us?

It may seem like health care in 2023 is a mess, and in many ways it is.  But reform legislation offers small businesses unique opportunities to offer affordable employee health insurance.

Southwest Health Insurance Experts offers a wide range of choices of top-rated Arizona group health insurance plans to meet the needs of local businesses.

We can design health insurance policies that meet the needs of small to medium-sized Arizona businesses, as well as the needs of their employees.

Learn how you can offer your employees a saving on health insurance while helping your bottom line.

Don’t go it alone. You can work with an Arizona Health Insurance Expert at no extra cost.  Find a health insurance agent near you in Arizona.

Every day, we work with Arizona's most influential companies and we look forward to doing business with yours as well.

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