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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans in Arizona

Individual and family health insurance in Arizona is obtained through the ACA/Obamacare market place. This page provides advice for the coming year.

In Arizona, individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans are available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare.  

ACA Quotes & apply

Visit healthcare.gov if you need individual and family insurance outside of the open enrollment period. 

During ACA open enrollment (Nov 1 - Dec 15, 2020), we update this page with the latest news on what health insurance plans are available in the various counties of Arizona.  The information below is for the year 2021. 

New 10/27/20 - We now have rates available for window shopping for health insurance plans for 2021.   Just add your zip code and age and it will pull up the 2021 health plans and rates.  

Update (as of 10/21/2020)

Open enrollment for ACA health insurance begins on November 1st and ends on December 15th, so I wanted to give you a quick update on what to expect for 2021.

I don’t have specific health plan premiums yet. We expect rates for the most part will remain steady from 2020. Bright Health is the only Carrier with close to a double-digit increase and they had the least expensive plans this year.

The Federal Government has increased the maximum out of pocket from $8150 to $8550.

You will be getting a renewal letter from your insurance plan carrier toward the end of this month. If you are getting a premium subsidy the net premium amount shown on the letter is incorrect because the 2021 subsidies have not yet been finalized. If you are not getting a subsidy you don’t have to do anything as you will automatically be renewed into the 2021 version of your plan. If you are getting a subsidy then we should update your income for next year.

Here’s what we know about each Carrier at this time.


Ambetter’s overall decrease will be -2.362%*. Ambetter will once again includes the Honor Health, Banner and Abrazo networks. Ambetter offers plans in 18 states and is the only Carrier that offers reciprocal privileges in those states.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

The overall increase is 1.48%*. Blue Cross is also adding the Abrazo network. They now have Dignity and Abrazo and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Their physician network includes their own Focus network along with Equality Health.

Bright Health

The overall increase is 9.34%*. Bright Health is adding Honor Health to their network of Dignity, Abrazo and Phoenix Children’s hospital.


Cigna will experience an overall increase of 1.87%*. Cigna is changing to an open access model so you do not need a referral. They are adding around 200 private practice Primary Care Physicians to complement their current Cigna Medical Group network.


Oscar will experience an overall decrease of 6.7%*. Oscar has added more Banner Doctors to their network so they now have Banner, Honor Health and Abrazo.

United HealthCare

We just found out that United HealthCare is re-entering Maricopa County next year. They will use their Arizona Compass HMO Network which consists of Banner and Abrazo. Referrals are required. United will not use brokers so I will not be able to enroll you in their plans, you will have to enroll through healthcare.gov.

For next year only Blue Cross Blue Shield and United HealthCare will require that you select a Primary Care Physician and get a referral for Specialists.

*These rates are based on what the AZ Department of Insurance has reported on the Carrier’s filings.

This is what I have right now, window shopping should be available in the next week or so.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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