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Do you need individual health insurance in Arizona for 2022? It's almost time to enroll. Learn more with our 2022 Guide To Open Enrollment In Arizona.
What is the difference between HMO and PPO plans in Arizona? Which is right for your family? Our expert health insurance brokers answer your questions.
Open enrollment for individual health insurance in 2021 is fast approaching. Read why this is important and where Arizona residents can go for help.
Remote healthcare programs offer many benefits to Arizona residents including avoiding a trip to the doctor's office during a national quarantine.
Looking for open enrollment info for Arizona for 2020?  This post gives you the key dates and answer the FAQ from our AZ customers.
Whew! We survived the 2018 Arizona health insurance open enrollment. Now that the open enrollment is behind us, our attention can now shift to that one topic we all love - Taxes!! Did you know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires you to declare your Affordable Care Act (ACA) status when you file your tax return? That’s right, the ACA is in cahoots with the IRS. To keep the public informed about it’s collaborating with the ACA, the IRS makes occasional announcements and offers a What’s Trending page with FAQs on the ACA. You can visit those pages to get…
Parents are always looking for the best advice on taking care of their child’s teeth, starting as soon as their first teeth break the gum.  It doesn’t take long for a baby’s toothless smile erupts into a string of baby teeth, and this is a perfect time for the dentist to take a careful look at the development of your child’s mouth.  This also means that it is time for you to get your child on your dental insurance plan.
Visitors who come to Arizona often imagine it as one of the healthiest states in the union. After all, isn't this the place where people come to soak in hot springs and take a sun-soaked "spa vacation"? It would be difficult to convince people from cold and damp locales that Arizonans face higher risks for certain diseases. While on the surface it seems like everyone here is tan and in terrific shape, that isn't always the case; particularly in a state where 13 percent of adults do not have health insurance in Arizona.
Thursday, 21 April 2016

What is Open Enrollment?

Healthcare.gov defines open enrollment as "The yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan." This time period typically runs from November to January. Learn what this enrollment period means for you and what you can do if you still need coverage today.
When someone is looking for a new job or is negotiating salary and benefits, one of the most important things they’ll try to negotiate or obtain is health insurance. Buying Arizona health insurance on your own can get expensive and is sometimes difficult, and working for a large company or business likely means more coverage or your employer will foot the bill for your health care costs. It is sad to think about how many more people would be able to start their own business and create new jobs in this country if they didn’t have to worry about the…
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