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Medicare Supplements

Got questions about Medicare Supplement Insurances (i.e. Mediap) or Medicare Advantage Plans? Our blog offers tips and guidance that is easy to unders...


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Monday, 23 August 2021

Why Do I Need Medigap Insurance?

The chasm of what Medicare will and will not cover can seem as vast as the Grand Canyon. Read how Medigap Insurance can help your retirement dollar go farther.
Do you need help selecting a Medicare plan? You're not alone. The options available for this important decision can be overwhelming and confusing. Let us help!
The Beatles song, "When I'm 64" takes on a whole new meaning when you are approaching the age for Medicare. Should you be preparing for Medicare now?
If you're nearing your 65th birthday you may be looking for a good medicare beginners guide. Take a look here!
You become eligible for Medicare health insurance when you turn 65. Signing up on time can help you avoid premium surcharges. If you're still working at age 65, however, a different set of rules applies.
A Medicare Supplement insurance plan is used to help cover out-of-pocket costs that Medicare Part A &  B don't pay. In this post, we explain what Medicare supplement insurance is and why you might need it.  
Well before you turn 65 years old, a number of health insurance companies may have started marketing their Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona, but how do you know which provider to choose.
As baby boomers reach retirement age, the number of people enrolled in the nation’s Medicare program is reaching record numbers.  While Medicare will cover some of the health care expenses for eligible seniors, most of Arizona’s older residents will need to enroll in some form of supplemental insurance.   With so many different plan choices and enrollment deadlines, eligible citizens are often confused about Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona. 
If you are a resident of Arizona who is approaching age 65, it is important that you thoroughly understand how Medicare insurance works. Many retirees are confused about the timing and requirements for Medicare and don’t know whether they qualify for Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona.  Also known as a “Medigap” policy, Medicare supplemental insurance helps Arizona citizens close the “gaps” in Medicare by providing for deductibles and coinsurance.  However, there are certain time-sensitive purchasing qualifications that exist in Arizona.  For example, once a Medicare recipient reaches the age of 65 and joins Part B, they can sign up for…
As the number of senior citizens increases in the United States, Medicare fraud has become far more prevalent in recent years. By definition, Medicare fraud is the collection of Medicare health care reimbursements under false pretenses. While there are many different types of Medicare fraud, they all have the same goal – collecting money from the Medicare program under false pretenses.
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