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Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona - Beware of Insurance Scams

Avoid Medicare insurance scams and get the facts about Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona. Get a free quote.
Wednesday, 16 August 2017

As baby boomers reach retirement age, the number of people enrolled in the nation’s Medicare program is reaching record numbers.  While Medicare will cover some of the health care expenses for eligible seniors, most of Arizona’s older residents will need to enroll in some form of supplemental insurance.   With so many different plan choices and enrollment deadlines, eligible citizens are often confused about Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona. 


Unfortunately, many companies have attempted to take advantage of seniors and by giving them false or misleading information about available coverage, eligibility requirements, and enrollment dates.  Without enough information, it is easy to fall victim to a scam and purchase the wrong type of Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona. 

What is the difference between Medicare Advantage plans and traditional Medicare? 

Each of these plans offers the same hospitalization and medical benefits as Medicare Parts A and Part B and may include other benefits as well.  Some Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage, which is also known as Medicare Part D.  

The “advantage” of getting a Medicare Advantage plan is often lower out-of-pocket expenses for seniors, but keep in mind that the plans are offered by private insurance companies who partner with Medicare’s federal agency; they are not the same as the original Medicare.  

There has been a lot of confusion among Arizona seniors about how Medicare Advantage compares to Medicare supplement insurance in Arizona.  In order to join an Advantage plan, you must first be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Your Medicare Advantage plan then receives funding both from Medicare and your monthly Part B premium. However, there is a chance that the sponsoring insurer may decide not to stay in Medicare.  The company may even change its coverage options and costs, but they must notify customers of this first and offer the option to choose a different Advantage plan.  If this happens, you can also go back to a traditional Medicare supplemental insurance plan in Arizona.    

Arizona seniors are understandably more concerned about their short-term healthcare needs than many other age groups, so it is easy for them to be fooled by the false claims made by an insurance company.  When insurance companies misrepresent their offerings and try to pressure seniors into making a decision, their customers may end up buying the wrong coverage.   

Avoid Medicare insurance scams and get the facts about Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona.  Contact us for a free consultation with an Arizona Medicare insurance broker today.

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